Wednesday, July 11, 2012

beach day

Today was our first real beach day
And it was so nice
Its a lot closer then the beach was when we lived on the east coast
So I think we will be visiting pretty frequently
Now that I know how to get there and all

Its funny the little differences between the beach here and back east
For one the water is sooo much colder then it is in Jersey

William was fearless and splashed around
But there is no way you will catch me in there past my ankles anytime soon

Also the water is so blue here
I'm used to a greener hued ocean

And the sand seems to be much coarser
But maybe that was just the beach we were on today
I don't know 

And I just can't get over the mountains
I feel like everywhere I look there are big beautiful mountains
Even at the beach!


Sarah Marie said...

I love these photos! I'm originally from San Diego and went to college in Santa Barbara. Can't beat those ocean/mountain views! Have you had a chance to try any California-style Mexican food?

Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

Where is your sweet daughter's dress from?! LOVE IT!

Maura said...

Sarah~ we have enjoyed so much Mexican food since we have been here its not even funny. SOOO Good!

Alice~ Its from Matilda Jane :)

Freedom Five said...

glad ya'll like it!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Are you in California now? I'm super behind on my blogs. Like I have thousands of posts to read :/ I've never spent a lot of time on the east coast except in New York City but welcome to the west coast!