Thursday, September 27, 2012

Checking in

Hmmm... Where to start?
Its been busy since I last checked in here
The craziness of moving 2,760 miles has slowly worn off
And this place is feeling much less like vacation
and more and more like home

The kids are adjusting amazingly well
They love it here
William and Bri started school at the beginning of the month
We home schooled William for a year and a half so it was an adjustment
But he is doing well and has made lots of new friends

Bri is going to preschool 3 days a week in the morning
I must have gone back and forth 100 times
if I should send her or keep her home another year
But she loves school and her teacher
So I'm happy

And its given me a little time during the day
That it is just me and David
We have never really had 1 on 1 time together before
So its really nice doing things with just the two of us

I am sure there is a ton that I am not thinking of
But I just want to stop by and give a quick update
I have so many photos to post but I don't want to overwhelm this post
So check out my Flickr on the right sidebar
and you can see some of what we have been up to


Julie said...

So glad you made it & that everyone is settling in. :)
And P.S. I love Bri's MJ dress! I remember you buying her the Perfect Day knot dress when you finalized her adoption. So when I stumbled across MJ resale boards on FB this summer and saw that dress I thought of you guys! Random I know but had to share! :)
Thebucknerfamily at gmail dot com

Blessed and Broken said...

Wondering what georgeous state you landed in. The pics are amazing! Oh, and on flicker - i am in love with IMG_1679-2. glitter??? fantastic!

flannery o'kafka said...

Wow, it's beautiful and the baby is getting BIG! All the best for all the changes!


Maura said...

Julie~ I love the MJ resale pages on FB. We have found some great deals on there. Normally we have one or two pieces at a time wear them for a little while and then sell them to fund more.

Blessed and Broken~ We are in CA. It is so pretty here. We really love it. I have been wanting to share those glitter photos on here for a while but having gotten around to it yet. She had so much with it fun.

Andrea~ He is so BIG! Its hard to believe that our teeny tiny baby is a full blown toddler. Thanks for the well wishes. :)